Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of OSA



Common Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

TMJ Jaw joint pain
Jaw joint noise
Ear Congestion
Limited opening

Vertigo (dizziness)
Difficulty Swallowing
Tinnitis (ringing in the ear)
Loose teeth
Drifting teeth
Fractured teeth
Loss of molar teeth
Shortened teeth
Clenching/bruxing or grinding
Non=-specific facial pain
Difficulty chewing
Difficulty swallowing
Tender sensitive teeth
Metabolic syndrome

Neck pain
Postural problems
Parasthesia or tingling and numbness of fingers
Sensitivity to hot or cold
Erosion of the necks of the teeth
Erosion of the teeth
Overclosed bite
Breaking fillings or crowns
Mouth breathing
Faster breathing
Heavy breathing


Common symptoms of UARS

More frequent in women
Gererally younger persons and not overweight

Chronic Fatigue
Daytime sleepiness
Night time arousals from sleep

Light sleeper
UARS is characterized by RERAS (respiratory effort related arousals)

Don’t like to sleep on back
Tired, groggy, loss of focus, concentration problems
Depression, no motivation
Cold hands and feet
Constipation and diarrhea
Acid reflux GERD
Larygopharyngeal reflux, constant throat clearing
Post nasal drip, hoarsness and cough
Dysphagia, nasal stuffinness
23% have abnormal LOW blood pressure
Dizzy, lightheaded especially when standing up
Wild vivid dreams or no dreams at all

Common Signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Lack of midface/lower face development
Lack of nasal breathing
Small upper jaw
Lower jaw retrudes to fit upper jaw
Posterior crossbites
Wear facets on teeth
Muscle fatique
Airway collapse
Forward head posture
Receded chin
Lack of difined chin/neck space (turkey neck)
Pinched and narrow nasal airways
Deviated septum
High vault roof of mouth
Low hanging uvula and soft palate
Elongated uvula
Narrow tonsilar space
Over sized adenoids
Narrow mouth arches
Crowded teeth
Scalloped tongue
Tongue tie
Abnormal or low attachments of mouth frenums
Deep bite or overbite
Overjet bite
Mandibular and maxillary tori (bony growth projections on jaws)
Angular chielosis (red and sore corners of the mouth)
Neck circumference greater than 17 “on men and 15” on women
Age over menopause on women and any older age
High blood pressure


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