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Dental-Medical Sleep (DMS) is an professional dental web service dedicated to the education and welfare of patients whom may be affected by snoring and sleep disorders. Dr. Richard Downs developed this service for people to find help for themselves and their loved ones.
DMS was formed for leaders of sleep lab clinics, sleep disorder trained physicians and dentists and specialty dental labs to also educate physicians and dentists in this important health and life changing treatment. Through seminars and follow up support, social media and mentoring, professionals trained in this care, we keep up with the latest advances in effective treatment for our patients.
Through seminars, coaching and online education, dentists are trained to recognize which sleep disorders can be treated with oral sleep appliances (OSA), different types and uses of oral appliances, screen for sleep disorders, interpret (PSG) polysomnograms, administer home sleep studies (HST) and work closely with a patient's physician or specialists in Somnology to achieve the most effective treatment for a patient, while managing the dental issues that uniquely accompany sleep related breathing disorders (SRBD) and its impact on teeth, gums, soft palate, tongue, joints and jaws.
We also maximize the medical insurance benefits for a patient to minimize out of pocket expenses while at the same time automating this billing service to medicare and medical insurance carriers for the dental professional, handling all the pre-authorizations and billing for them. We also provide the home sleep studies for the dental office.
Only dentists are qualified to fabricate, adjust, fit, monitor and treat problems and complications associated with oral appliances which are used to manage sleep related breathing disorders. If you are having a problem sleeping or snoring, Click here to call us at 563 293 7101 or fill out the form on the right (or below if you are on a mobile device). Someone will contact you shortly and help you.